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360° Web Player, App, CDN, API and Library

Choose the right license for you.

The main difference lies in the cost per player view (click). 

All licenses include, among other things,  the HTML5 360° live webplayer, Video-CDN (if needed), hotspot functions, API and the 360°-configurator. This allows you to set up everything for events, players and hotspots.

Our players are available and ready for use within minutes after being set up!

Integration of our libraries also makes it possible to view 360° Live Videos with a conventional web player.

If you like, we can also set it up so that your video is played on mobile devices in a mobile browser, our vstream360 App for iOS and Android or your own White Label App.

We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have, just let us know at support@vstream360.com.

360° LIVE BASIC Software-Paket

Ideal für Softwareentwickler und Videoproduzenten, die mit 360°-Videoproduktionen starten wollen. Der 360°-Videoplayer lässt sich auch ohne Fachkenntnis schnell und einfach verstehen, testen und einbauen.

  • 1.000 Videoaufrufe inklusive
EUR 30
+ 19% VAT

360° LIVE ENTERPRISE Software Paket

Ideal für etablierte Livestreamer, Reseller und Power-Producer mit sehr hohen Nutzerzahlen.

  • App-Library zum Einbetten des Players in Ihre eigene iOS oder Android App
  • 500.000 Videoaufrufe inklusive
  • Premium Support mit persönlichem Ansprechpartner
EUR 2500
+ 19% VAT

360° LIVE Professional Software-Paket

Ideal für Produzenten und Produktionsabteilungen, die reichweitenstarke Events in 360° übertragen wollen. Der 360°-Videoplayer garantiert eine ausfallsichere Liveproduktion, ist individualisierbar und bietet VR-Modus.

  • 10.000 Videoaufrufe inklusive
EUR 100
+ 19% VAT
* invoicing occurs based on video viewing requests (unique clicks per video per 15 minute period)

Everything at a Glance:

  • HMTL5 Web Player
  • 360° Videos can be viewed on-the-go with the vstream360 App (IOS I Android)
  • VVR Package (VOD package) - number of video views included in the license
  • 360°LIVE Video configurator with customer access to backend systems for video project editing
  • 360°LIVE Video configurator API as an interface for external management portals
  • Basic support via ticket system
  • Premium support with live service representatives

and the Marketing Package:

  • Integration of Paywalls - exclusive access to 360° content
  • Cam2Cam Navigation: interactive navigation buttons in videos being played - allows quick changes to other cameras or perspectives
  • Hotspots: customizable, interactive clickable areas to place extra information according to customers' needs (website address, social media, offers, tickets etc.)
  • 360°LIVE Branding: predefined sponsor and logo areas within the 360° videos. Logos and information can be displayed either at the start or end of a video, during the video or when paused.

See and test for yourself what our different vstream360 software licenses offer. They pay off in more ways than one! Get more than you pay for!


360° Live Player Apps

Can also be used with our iOS and Android apps as well as on the HTML5 webplayer.

How about your own 360° LIVE App?


The 360° White Label solution is your own 360° live app which can be customized with your name, logo, color scheme and video content. In short, you have complete and total control of the marketing experience which you create! Simply use your personal client area in the backend system and you're almost ready to go! As soon as you provide us with the certificates and you receive the signed apps allowing you to place them in the iOS or Android stores, you're ready to get started!


360° White Label App

Eigene App für individualisierte Markenerlebnisse mit 360° Live Videos

  • App-Icon & Startbildschirm in Ihrem Design
  • individuelle Hot Spots
  • 3 Monate Updates und Support
EUR 8000
+ 19% VAT